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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flag Burner Duct Taped To Flag Pole

Place:  Valley Falls, New York
Scene:  Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1938

A young man, obviously inebriated, stumbled into the VFW bar last Friday and tried to 
buy a couple drinks.  The bartender refused to serve him without proper identification.
The young man stumbles out the door and vows revenge.  "Ah HA! Their FLAG!  
That'll fix 'em!"  He wobbles over to the flag pole, yanks down the flag and 
sets it afire before wandering off in search of more booze.

He did not get far.  Nick Normile, a Vietnam combat veteran and commander of 
New York's VFW Post 1938, tracks down the rapidly sobering young fella and offers
him the Three Choice Plan:
1.  bring in the police;
2.  have his butt kicked;  or
3.  be duct taped to the
     flag pole with a sign
     detailing his transgression.

Not surprisingly, the young man agreed to the duct tape option. 
I reckon he wanted to avoid a police record almost as much as he wanted to avoid being pounded into oblivion by an old guy.  Along with the Three Choice Plan, the young man learned the significance of that particular flag--it had been flown over a foxhole in Iraq and likely
was the last thing some young American soldiers saw before dying in enemy gunfire. 
Not everyone made it out of that foxhole alive.

As you can see by the image, the perpetrator was duct taped to the flag pole, and he sat there
for six long hours pondering life  ...and death..  in a foxhole.  

A spiffy Navy salute to Mr. Normile and the combat veterans of Valley Falls.   
Bravo Zulu, gentlemen.  Well Done.



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